HW 11-9

Write a comment in the box below: First write your name and period number. Then write a Linear Equation, list what X and Y mean, and write the Story that matches it. Example:

Adam Perry, Period 0

y = 8x – 100

X is years and Y is balance.

Roy owes 100 dollars and is paying it off 8 dollars per year.

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  1. Berania Salazar, Period 6


    X is days and Y is balance

    Bob owes 200 dollars and is paying 10 dollars per day.

  2. Noel Kamanuwai, pd. 6


    Destiny started off with $400 in her bank account, and gets paid $120 every month.

  3. Christian Martinez,Period 1

    y= 5x – 1000

    X is months and Y is balance.

    Bob owes 1000 dollars and is paying it off 5 dollars per month.

  4. Y=400X-100,000

    X is seconds and Y is balance.

    Peppermint Butler owes 100,000 he is paying it off 400 dollars a second.

  5. angelina murillo 4th 11/9/15

    Alessia weighs 110 pounds. Every week she goes to the gym she looses 2 pounds.
    Y= y-intercept X=starting value


  6. Y=10x+30

    x is days and y is balance

    Bob starts off with 30 dollars in his pockets. Everyday he gets payed 10 bucks

  7. y=3x-9
    x is days and y is the amount of money given
    Susan owes her best friend $9 but is going to give her $3 a day .

  8. Jasmine Hernandez ,period 3


    x is hours y is money

    Jessica works 5 hours a day she gets paid $100 everyday.

  9. Dylan Nguyen period 6


    x is months and y is height (in)

    keialana bought a lemon tree that was 9in high and every month it grew 8in total.

  10. angelina amador period six


    jay gets paid ten dollars per week and has ten dollars already saved in a back account .

  11. Brian rice 3rd The modern grocery has cashews that sell for $4.75 a pound and peanut that sell for $2.50 a pound.how many of each must the grocer mix to get 90 pounds of mixture that he can sell for $3.00 per pound. Express the problem as a system of linear equations and solve using the method of your choice to find the solution of the problem.

  12. Samuel Arellano,Period 5. 1:y=2x-30. 2:x is days and y is his money. 3:Charlie owes 30 dollars and is paying 2 dollars a day to pay off his debt

  13. Jerica Santiago,Period 4


    X is month and Y is balance.

    Jayrald owes 15 dollars and is paying it off 30 dollars per month.

  14. Jazmin Hernandez Period 6


    Y=balance X=days

    Daisy started of with 15 dollars in her piggy bank and started putting in 8 dollars per day

  15. Rosa Alvarez, Period 6


    Y is the balance
    X is the days
    Olivia owes 200 dollars to her mom, and is paying it off by giving her 10 dollars each day.

  16. McKayla Gonzalez, Period 6
    Y= 10x – 400
    Y is balance X is weeks
    Alex owes 400 dollars and pays 10 dollars every week.

  17. Y=2x-200
    X is year and Y is balance
    Samantha owes 200 dollors to oscar and is paying it off by 2 dollors per year.

  18. Mark Farro, period 1
    X is years and Y is balance.
    Joe owes 200 dollars and is paying it off 10 dollars per year.

  19. Ana Patricia Taumoepeau |3rd period|

    0.| 100 (-8)
    1| 92 (-8)
    2| 84 (-8)
    3| 76 (-8)
    4 68(-8)
    6| 52(-8)
    10| 20(-8)

  20. Jordell Bronil, Period 6
    X is the months
    Y is the amount of money
    Nick payed 5 bucks for each box and the total for 20 days is $100.

    (Anyways have a good night. See ya tomorrow. ✌)

  21. Donson Hoang, Period 6

    Y= 10x+ 300

    X is Months and Y is Money

    Jackson owes Donson 300$ and is paying him 10$ per months.

  22. Naema Ali – Period 3


    y is the balance, x is the year

    Mavis owes 300 dollars and is paying 7 dollars per year

  23. Adrian Gonzalez, Period 6 y=10x-150 x is how much a day and y is how much is owed. Lucas owes Jack $150 and Lucas pays Jack $10 a day.

  24. The Raiders have tickets for 40$ a game with a 15$ one time fee. How much is the cost of 10 tickets. y=total
    10x +15 = y (x=40)

  25. Marcela Ceballos, Period 4
    X is days & Y is how much someone owes.
    Elena had to borrow $20 dollars from her best friend, now she is paying back her friend $5 per day until she doesn’t owe anything anymore.

  26. Carlos Alcantara period 3 11/9


    X=is days
    Y=is balance

    Billy owes 20 dollars from a bank and is paying 5 dollars a day.

  27. Y=10X-200

    I think that x is the day and the Y is thebalance

    Roy will be doing is lossing 8 dollars per year by buying something that 8 dollars

  28. 5° ,Martha

    Equation :

    Story :
    Charlie owed his teacher 1000 pencils, he started giving her 5 pencils per month .

  29. Eric Anderson,Period 3
    x is t shirts y is money
    Paul has 50 dollars he needs 30 t shirts for his white shoes to go together

  30. Clarissa fausto, 6
    Lillian owes max 400 dollars , and max is paying 12 dollars per month
    Y= balance X=month

  31. Leicester Corpus, Period 4

    X is per second and Y is balance

    Y = 100x + 1,000,000

    CEO Mr.Perry makes $100 per second and has $1 million in his savings

  32. period 6 y=9x-100 x is years and y is balance bella owes 100 dollars to selena and is paying it off by 9 dollars a week

  33. Briseyda Torres, Period 5
    X Is Days And Y Is Amount Money She Owes
    Mari Owes Her friend $10 she pays her $6 Each Day

  34. Tiana Tompkins , Period 3

    y = (-13/1)x + 50

    y = money || x = months

    Shaun has $50 . He goes to the car wash once a month, which costs $13.

  35. Joanna Benavides period 5


    x is years and Y is balance

    Larisa asked Zuhal for a favor because her birthday was coming up, she wanted 2 pigs each month until they added up to 70 pigs.

  36. Vanessa Perdomo, Period 1

    y = -5x + 100

    y = # of pencils
    x = Weeks

    Mr.Perry was given 100 pencils and every week he gives out 5 pencils.

  37. Taylor temple period 6

    johnny owes taylor 80$ and gets 40$ each week


    x is how much he owes
    y is how many weeks

  38. Sharlyn Martinez , PR.6
    X is years and y is balance
    Myraa owed Patricia 200$ every year myraa gave Patricia 10$

  39. Carlos Garcia °4
    y = 50x – 500
    X is Months and Y is Balance
    Juan owes 500 dollars to his landlord and is paying it off per month

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